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Vegan recipes that are easy to follow, tasty and healthy

This is flat bread which is served with Indian meals.

3 oz. (75g) plain wholemeal flour

3 oz. (75g) plain white flour

Vegetable oil


3 fl. oz. (75ml) tepid water

Put flours and a pinch of salt into a bowl. Add 1 tbsp. oil and water and mix to a dough. Knead the dough until it is smooth. Cover the dough and leave it for half an hour.

Knead the dough again and divide into six pieces.

Take one piece and shape it into a ball. Roll it out to about a 6 inch (15 cm) circle. Brush with vegetable oil, fold in half and then in half again to form a triangle. Roll this out until it is about 7 inches (17cm) along each side.

Brush a frying pan with oil and cook one side of the paratha for about 1 to 2 minutes. Brush the top surface with oil and turn over to cook the other side. Cover the cooked paratha with foil to keep it warm while you cook the others.

Grease the frying pan again for each paratha.

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