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Simple    Vegan   Recipes

Vegan recipes that are easy to follow, tasty and healthy

Other recipe sites


Kate’s Vegan Cookery Site

Vegetarian Resource Group

Information on Veganism

Find out more about veganism from the Vegan Society UK.

Vegan Forum

The Vegan Forum has lots of members from all around the world giving support and exchanging recipes, advice and information.

Eating out in the UK

Vegan guides to:

London  Nottingham  Bristol  Oxford  Liverpool  Edinburgh  Glasgow Manchester Sheffield Cardiff Leicester

Everywhere: VegDining HappyCow

Find more local vegan guides here.

Shopping in the UK

For information on which products sold in the UK are suitable for vegans, check the Animal Free Shopper from the Vegan Society.

Looking for vegan Christmas gift ideas, vegan Christmas recipes or anything else you need to celebrate a vegan Christmas? Find everything you need at