Abbreviations and Measures

Kitchen weights

Abbreviations and Measures

All of these recipes use British Imperial measures, although metric alternatives are given. As the conversions used in the recipes are approximate, use either the metric or Imperial measures for each recipe; do not mix them.

Product Brand Names

Some of the recipes include brand names of products. These are all products available in the UK; Equivalent products may or may not be available in other countries.

A tin of any food generally refers to a 16 ounce (454 gram) tin.

A small tin is usually about 300 grams


Teaspoon, about 5 millilitres


Tablespoon, about 15 millilitres


Imperial pound, 454 grams


Imperial ounce, 28 grams

fl. oz

Fluid ounce, about 28 millilitres


568 millilitres